Gator Products are an investment of the AARC.

The Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation, a wholly-owned government corporation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a private/public partnership.

Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation (AARCC) — Originally established by the FACT Act 1990 as the Applied Agricultural Research Commercialization Center, the purpose of the AARCC is to assist in the research, development, and commercialization of new nonfood products from agricultural and forestry commodities. AARC makes repayable equity investments, such as buying stock or taking a percentage of future sales (royalties), or both. The FAIR Act of 1996 changed the Center from a government agency to a wholly-owned venture capital corporation of USDA.

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Genesis Pipeline Spill Collins, Mississippi

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Gator International is the Sole and Exclusive Agent for Gator Products.

All Gator products are manufactured by product Services Company and distrubuted worldwide by Gator International.

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