Acid Gator

Product #: GS-15

size 25# bag

Packaged 60 per pallet


Acid Absorbents

Acid Gator - for safer handling and absorption of acid spills
Acid Gator is not a neutralization agent but rather an absorbent that allows a safer way of handling casual and emergency acid spills.

Previous to Acid Gator there was no real way to absorb acids and render them easier to dispose of while affording maximum worker safety.

Calcined clays and Polypropylene are essentially acid resistant but only perform as a poor absorbent, and are still considered hot to handle thus putting workers in danger in the clean-up and removal phases.

Peat moss and normal cellulosic absorbents such as corn cob will actually be digested with strong acids and thus accentuate a handling problem.

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Genesis Pipeline Spill Collins, Mississippi

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