Cell-U-Sorb - Packaging

Description: Cell-U-Sorb
Part #- GS-25

Size: 20# Bag
Packaged: 30 per pallet

Cell-U-Sorb® - Application Protocol


1. Paper Mills and other process industries. Spills on ponds from hydraulic lines or fueling.

2. Ports. All hydrocarbon spills on water from refueling.

3. Spill Response Companies. All hydrocarbon spills on water.

4. Filter Medium. Pass contaminated water through filter made of Cell-U-Sorb to remove hydrocarbons from water for discharge.

5. Funeral Homes & Hospitals. Blood filtration. Will remove fatty tissues from blood.


Use Directions

Broadcast Cell-U-Sorb evenly on hydrocarbon contaminated water. If area is small, apply by hand. On larger areas, Cell-U-Sorb may be blown on with a insulation blower.

Cell-U-Sorb will immediately absorb any hydrocarbon based liquid. Stir or move around, if necessary, to bring Cell-U-Sorb in contact with hydrocarbons

Cell-U-Sorb with absorbed oil will float for easy removal. In small areas, use rake or net to remove contaminated material. On larger areas, use nets or suction truck to remove saturated Cell-U-Sorb.

Contaminated Cell-U-Sorb may be disposed of by incineration, landfill, or bioremediation*.

* Always dispose of contaminated sorbent products in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

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Product Cost Comparison of Cell-U-Sorb to Other Sorbents

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