Cell-U-Sorb Packaging

Size: 20 # Bag
Packaged: 30 per pallet
Part #: GS-25



Cell-U-Sorb- Product Cost Comparison of Cell-U-Sorb to Other Sorbents

Gator Product
Primary Application
Gator Feature
Gator Benefit
Competitive Products
Gator Advantage
Ports- fueling spills
Spills on Water
All natural
Highly price competitive
Less messy
Mills- spills on ponds
Cost effective
Absorbs vs. adsorbs
Spill response company
Reduces VOC’s
Reduces generated waste
Cost effective
Open water spills
Highly absorbent
Reduces disposal costs
Absorbent W
More absorbent
Filter medium
Dispose by incineration
Sphag Sorb

Manufactured from recycled product
New Pig Products

Comparison to a Competitive Product, Sphag Sorb

Cell-U-Sorb was compared to "Sphag Sorb", a peat moss-based product, for effectiveness as an environmentally safe all-purpose sorbent. Cell-U-Sorb performed equal to or better than Sphag Sorb in every beneficial characteristic listed for Sphag Sorb. Cell-U-Sorb is non-toxic, non-leaching, non-abrasive, lightweight, and biodegradable. It can be incinerated with minimal ash. The most outstanding characteristic for Cell-U-Sorb is its cost effectiveness. To illustrate this effectiveness the following test was performed.

Equal quantities of Cell-U-Sorb and Sphag Sorb were completely saturated with diesel fuel and allowed to stand for 10 minutes. The excess diesel was poured off and the saturated absorbent was placed on a pad for one hour. The samples were weighed to determine maximum absorption. This test was repeated using 30-weight motor oil to demonstrate effectiveness with heavier oil.


lb./lb. Diesel
lb./lb. 30 weight oil
Sphag Sorb

Cell-U-Sorb out performed Sphag Sorb two to one and is more desirable when disposal costs and other advantages are considered.

Cell-U-Sorb reduces problems with spills because it absorbs hydrocarbons from water cleaner and more efficiently than any other product available.


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