Description: Floor Gator

Part #: GS-20

Size: 30 # Bag
Packaged:60 per pallet

National Stock #: 4235-01-4407191

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Floor Gator® - Premium Oil Absorbent For Oil or Water Based Spills

Floor Gator is a premium oil absorbent designed for the industrial and automotive market. Floor Gator is manufactured from renewable agricultural products. It is an all purpose absorbent that uses capillary absorbent technology. Floor Gator is engineered for safe, fast and economical liquid spill pick up.

The strong wicking action of Floor Gator absorbs up to six (6) times its own weight in liquid and totally encapsulates the spill so that the floor is left clean and dry.

Floor Gator is much lighter than calcined clay and diatomaceous earth products. Transportation costs for large spills are reduced as well as waste generation. The use of Floor Gator reduces generated waste by up to 50% assisting companies to meet the EPA 1996 mandate.

Floor Gator saves money against the low cost (kitty litter) products. One bag of Floor Gator replaces from 8 to 20 bags of standard clay-based products.

Floor Gator can save on waste disposal. It will contribute 7,000 BTU’s per pound during incineration, with less than 5% ash. Floor Gator may be placed in a landfill*. The nature of the hydrocarbon encapsulated in Floor Gator is the decisive factor in determining the disposal method.

Floor Gator absorbs liquids and hydrocarbons spilled in the work place with little or no waste if used with a Porta-Gator spill control system.


Encapsulates – Non leaching
Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products.
Aids in meeting EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste by 50%.
Reduces the risk of accidents by residue left over by other sorbents.
Contributes 7,000 BTU with less than 5 % ash during incineration.
* Where permitted by law

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