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What is Oil Gator?

Oil Gator is a chemically modified plant fiber containing all of the necessary ingredients (nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous) to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacteria. These naturally occurring bacteria, known as microbes, are completely safe to humans and animals, and will not harm the environment. When activated by the addition of moisture, the microbes reproduce and utilize hydrocarbons as a food source.

Oil Gator works to bioremediate oil spills; as it "eats" hydrocarbons, it releases carbon dioxide and water. When available hydrocarbons are depleted, any remaining Oil Gator will bioremediate itself.

Under normal conditions, Oil Gator bacteria multiply rapidly and hydrocarbon degradation of 40 percent per month can be expected; however, under ideal conditions, degradation can be as high as 80 percent per month. Full clean up can usually be accomplished in 120 days. Utilizing a special protocol, Oil Gator will even bioremediate PCBs.


Oil Gator also works as an absorbent, outperforming other sorbents in the market place. In fact, Oil Gator absorbs up to ten times more hydrocarbons than other sorbents, such as calcined clay. Moreover, Oil Gator is environmentally friendly, doesn’t leave a slick surface, and is free of polluting components.

Oil Gator absorbs many different chemicals, including transformer oils, oil paints and wood preserving chemicals. It is cost effective and can be taken to a landfill or incinerated (in accordance with local regulations) (see “Liquids Absorbed”).

Unlike other absorbents, Oil Gator actually encapsulates contaminants, trapping the molecules inside its fibers. This is critical after a rainstorm, for example, to prevent leaching of contaminants into the water table and destroying sensitive ecosystems. Encapsulation also aids in the bioremediation process, as the fibers lock in hydrocarbons, allowing the microbes to work. Even when wet, Oil Gator will seek to absorb hydrocarbons instead of water.

When safety is an issue, fire departments and emergency response units call on Oil Gator to secure the site. On dangerous spills, properly applied Oil Gator forms a matrix that suppresses vapors, reducing the risk posed by fire.

Approved for Use by the U.S. Government

Oil Gator is promoted and endorsed by the U.S. Government. In Fact the government is so confident of Oil Gator's performance, it has invested in the company through the Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation, a wholly owned corporation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The AARC Corporation provides financial, technical and research assistance. Additionally, Oil Gator receives preferential status for federal government procurement.

Oil Gator is also approved for use in EPA's Superfund Innovation Technologies and Evaluation (SITE) program.

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Genesis Pipeline Spill Collins, Mississippi

Check out these amazing before and after pictures!


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