Oil Gator- Product Packaging

Part#: GS-10
Size: 30# Bag
Packaged :60 per pallet

National Stock#: 4235-01-440-7189


Oil Gator
® - Premium Oil Absorbent and Bioremediation Product

OIL GATOR is produced from recycled, chemically modified cellulosic fibers. It contains all the necessary ingredients (nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous) to enhance biodegradation of hydrocarbons by indigenous bacteria.

OIL GATOR meets all OSHA requirements and is biodegradable. It is not WHMIS regulated. When activated by the addition of moisture, the indigenous bacteria are furnished with ideal growth conditions, within which they proliferate and rapidly utilize the available hydrocarbon as a food source.

OIL GATOR’s powerful wicking action acts a physical emulsifier by actually extracting hydrocarbons from less absorptive material. OIL GATOR encapsulates the fine droplets making the hydrocarbon available to the bacteria as a food source. It is nonabrasive and will not harm machinery.

OIL GATOR absorbs and encapsulates hydrocarbons from the surface of land and water. When applied correctly, it will completely absorb toxins preventing them from leaching into the soils or into underground aquifers.

OIL GATOR can be incinerated and will contribute 7,000 BTU's per pound with less than 3% ash. It may be placed into landfills, or non-hazardous oil field waste land farm. The nature of the hydrocarbon absorbed determines the appropriate disposal method.


Comes in a 30 pound bag (13.5 Kg bag) for ease of handling and storage (also available in 1,500 lbs Sacs (675 Kg Sacs))
Lightweight- which will lower the cost of transportation.
Encapsulates oil or oil-based products where permitted by law
Ground cleaning by bioremediation.
Stops leaching of contaminants into the soil or groundwater.
Non carcinogenic & non abrasive
All natural cellulosic fibers
*where permitted by law


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Nutrients in Oil Gator Application ProtocolLeachability

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