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Part#: GS-10 Size: 30# Bag

Packaged:60 per pallet

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Oil Gator
® - Nutrients in Oil Gator
There are environmental concerns about introducing nutrients to waterways and groundwater.

The following should clarify the levels of nitrogen and other nutrients in Oil Gator.

The microorganisms and nutrients in Oil Gator are indigenous to the cotton plant. The fertilizer type materials that are embedded in the fiber of the cotton are activated by the introduction of hydrocarbons, water and the growth of the bacteria colonies themselves. They will not leach into groundwater or migrate into waterways and therefore do not pose an eutrophication hazard (biofouling).

The nutrients are used by the microorganisms in the bioremediation process.The manufacturing process results in approximately 5% Ammonium Sulfate being added to the product. This makes the material less susceptible to fire. The ammonia sullfate will help feed the indigenous bacteria colony as it grows. Oil Gator has passed various toxicology tests that prove it is not harmful to the environment.

Oil Gator uses nature’s own methods and materials to control and bio-remediate hydrocarbons..

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