The Story Behind Oil Gator

The development of OIL GATOR began in 1988 in Jackson, Mississippi. The intent was to develop a hydrocarbon absorbent which was both incinerateable and biodegradable. Ted Dickerson, President of Product Services Company sourced raw materials from the Mississippi cotton industry. While testing this cotton based agricultural material, it was determined that by treating the material with ammonia we could end up with a small amount of ammonium sulphate being created which would act as a fire retardant and make this absorbent material and the absorbed hydrocarbon safer to handle.

Absorption characteristics of this new material proved to be exceptional, up to 10 times more effective than calcined clay. The product also exhibited a tremendous wicking action which allows it to hold on to hydrocarbons and essentially eliminate leaching. Testing revealed that even if the material was saturated with water it would actually release the water in order to absorb hydrocarbons.

Testing of OIL GATOR’s unique properties carried on during which time it was determined that an indigenous micro-organism existed within OIL GATOR’s cellulose fibers. The ammonium sulphate in the product acted as a nutrient to enhance the growth of the organisms with the hydrocarbons supplying a food source. A program was launched to improve the preservation of the indigenous organisms throughout the treatment process and to improve the remediating abilities of the product.

The result of this program is the Patented product, Oil Gator , which is biodegradable, has unequaled absorption and encapsulation properties, and provides rapid degradation of hydrocarbons in liquid form or in soils.

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