December 8, 1993

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how enthusiastic we are about your product, Oil Gator.

As you know we are not only a spill response company, but we are a large master distributor supplying 30 to 40 oil field supply companies in Texas and Louisiana. We have treated fresh oil spills as well as old oil sites with Oil Gator and have been completely happy with the results of Oil Gator’s remediation ability. Remediation projects on oil contaminated soils that were treated with Oil Gator have responded in a way that would only be described as astounding. Recovery is done at a fraction of the cost of other methods, which have been proven not to be as effective as Oil Gator. Sales are spreading link wild fire as we introduce your product to our supply stores.

We would further add that your service and personnel have been professional, courteous and prompt. The product, Oil Gator has performed as advertised in every instance.

We hope to have a long and mutually beneficial business relationship throughout the 1990’s and beyond.


Derryl Rickman,
General Manager
Spill Response Incorporated

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November 15, 1993

This is to update you on the results I received with your product, Oil Gator, on a recent remediation project I supervised. Work included the remediation of two adjacent spots, both of which were enclosed inside firewalls. The two areas appeared to have similar levels of hydrocarbons on the ground.

In both instances the remediation work was done by the same crew and the treatment methods were similar with the exception that the first area was tilled much more intently than the second and the second had less than one pallet of Oil Gator tilled into it. Oil Gator was not used at all in the first.

The first area was treated in April, 93 and the second in June, 93. Hence, the first had more time for evaporation and natural remediation to progress. The lease was inspected by the Texas Railroad Commission in October, 93 after heavy rains. The inspector noted only one discrepancy: a light sheen on the water in the first area; he found no problems in the second.

I also used Oil Gator with good results around well heads and on a few spots where oil was accidentally spilled during a site modification this summer. The inspector didn’t note any problems with any of these areas.

This is not a scientific test but I feel it is a clear indication that Oil Gator is effective and lives up to the claims made for it.


William Martin

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143 N.E. 2ND ST. * NEWPORT, OREGON 97365
PHONE: (541) 265-2425 * FAX: (541) 265-5151

January 12, 1996

T O :
Pacific Environmental Products
P.O. Box 2803
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Attention: Tammi Maddox


As you know, Statewide Environmental Services was awarded a contract to treat nine hundred and twenty cubic yards of diesel contaminated soil at 1985 Roosevelt Blvd., Eugene, Oregon. I must admit, at first I was very reluctant to bid on this project knowing that a previous Environmental firm was unable to treat the soils to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality standards in the time frame my client expected, six to eight weeks.

On November 16, 1995, Statewide Environmental Services purchased your product, "Oil Gator", as part of the treatment process. I am pleased to report to you, your product, "Oil Gator", applied properly, was the key to obtaining D.E.Q. cleanup standards in the time frame my client was looking for, within eight weeks. Although this is the first time I have used this product, I am convinced that "Oil Gator" is cost effective, easy to apply, and an instrumental tool for Statewide Environmental Services to use in the future.

Tammi, I would like to thank you for the technical support you provided on this project.


Wayne Riggs

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October 23, 1997

This letter to inform you of the ways we use the Gator products. Our maintenance people are very happy with the products and the ease of their application. We use the "Floor Gator" in every work area of the mill, especially the shops. It is used to clean the shop floors and when left on oil stains, it will absorb the stains out of the concrete. It is re-usable until it is saturated with oil, a very good product. The "Oil Gator" is used around leaking equipment and spills in the operating departments. It has a tremendous amount of absorption capability and is easy to apply. It to can be used over a long period of time before having to be replaced. The bags are light and easy to handle, which makes it a favorite with the workers. The "Cell-U-Sorb" is used on any oil product that is on water or the outside ground area. It will not absorb the water but quickly pick up any oil product.

I want to thank you for your time and effort in showing us the capabilities of these products and the ease of using them. If your have any questions concerning our use of your products, please call me at 503-650-4293.


Gary E. Field

Environmental Svcs Supvr

Smurfit Newsprint Corporation

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November 21, 1995

RE: Floor Gator & Porta-Gator System

Since we began using your product, and the system of deployment and recovery – Porta-Gator, in June of this year I am pleased to report that my staff and Plant Production Associates are extremely happy with you Floor Gator system, which pleased me enough to write and share it with you.

Your product is not only as effective as stated, but with the system you have developed our experiences have been far beyond expectations.

One of our plants benched marked their use of the clay product we were using before installing your product and system. Based on our understanding we expected to realize a reduction in the total waste generated of between 10 and 15 times of our then present level. Some three months latter our actual measured results have been pleasantly better. We have actually witnessed a 30 times reduction in out total waste generated. This means substantial reductions in our total costs of waste and waste disposal.

We acknowledge that your clains were less than actual observed results and that general over-use of the clay product contributed to the results. None-the-less; the over-all results have proven that our faith in using your product was clearly a good risk investment.

Good luck in your promotion of this fine product and in you business endeavors.

Yours in Safety,

D. Michael Vail
Corporate, Safety & Training Manager
US Manufacturing Corporation

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November 6, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Bend (OR) Fire Department and Public Works Department both respond to incidents involving hazardous materials spills, in an effort to reduce life safety hazards and environmental degradation posed by this type of release. We feel that we are the most readily available response resource in the area and that doing so demonstrates the City’s commitment to community safety, both long- and short-term.

We use various absorbent materials to mitigate hazmat incidents. The types of absorbents which absorb efficiently and which encapsulate liquids are our best choice for the safety of the crews, the driving public, and the environment. They are also the most "disposal-friendly," which gives us confidence that the spilled hazmat will not leach out later. Further, we favor absorbents which are produced from an existing industrial waste stream: we think it makes good economic and environmental sense to utilize a resource to its fullest.

The people in communities across the country have become quite environmentally aware and sophisticated: if they drive past a spill, they generally expect to see it mitigated and removed when they pass the scene later in the day. People have come to expect that any spill, no matter how small, should be responded to and disposed of properly. It is the City of Bend'’ choice to use the materials which cot only afford the best scene personnel safety, but also which best address short-term and long-term environmental issues.


Larry J. Langston
Fire Chief
City of Bend

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