All Natural Premium Absorbent for Spills on Water.


Cell-U-Sorb® – Premium Absorbent for Spills on Water

Cell-U-Sorb Bag

Part No: GS-25
  • Cell-U-Sorb has been certified by the USDA BioPreferred program as 98% BioBased.
  • Cell-U-Sorb is a 100% cellulose absorbent that is biodegradable and manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Cell-U-Sorb is harmless to plants, animals and aquatic life.
  • Cell-U-Sorb will absorb unwanted hydrocarbons from water by selectively absorbing oil based products and continue floating for easy removal.
  • Cell-U-Sorb will absorb trace water to give a cleaner surface (less sheen).
  • Cell-U-Sorb assists in reducing waste generated by spills.
  • Cell-U-Sorb was certified by the Government of Canada to absorb up to 18.9 times its own weight in oil or oil-based products.
  • One 20 pound bag (9Kg) absorbs 13 to 25 gallons of oil depending on the viscosity.
  • Cell-U-Sorb can be incinerated for ease of disposal and it will contribute 7,000 BTU’s per pound during incineration with very little ash.
  • Cell-U-Sorb will reduce direct and indirect costs in the handling of hazardous waste materials due to its high absorption rate and lightweight.
  • Its powerful wicking action helps prevent the spread of hazardous materials.
  • Cell-U-Sorb is the most effective absorbent to use when you have a hydrocarbon spill on water.


  • Packaged in easy-to-ship and easy-to-carry 20 pound (9Kg) bags.
  • High absorbency means less product is required to clean up a spill.
  • Reduced hauling costs as less material is transportated to the landfill (where permitted) incinerator or disposal site.
  • When incinerated Cell-U-Sorb contributes 7,000 BTU with less than 5% ash. (plus the BTU value of the absorbed hydrocarbon)
  • Cell-U-Sorb can be mixed with Oil Gator for insitu bioremediation.