An Eco-Friendly product that cleans up any spill



FLOOR GATOR – Premium oil absorbent for oil or water based spills

Floor Gator is a premium oil absorbent designed for the industrial and automotive markets. Floor Gator is manufactured from renewable agricultural products. It is an all-purpose absorbent that uses capillary absorbent technology. Floor Gator is engineered for safe, fast and economical liquid spill pickup.

The strong wicking action of Floor Gator absorbs up to six (6) times its own weight in liquid and totally encapsulates the spill so that the floor is left clean and dry to the touch.

Floor Gator is much lighter than calcined clay or diatomaceous earth (kitty litter products). Floor Gator helps companies meet the EPA waste reduction guidelines.

Floor Gator saves money and the environment. When compared to low-cost (kitty litter) products, one bag of Floor Gator replaces from 8 to 20 bags of standard clay-based products. (when used with the PortaGator Recycle System)

Floor Gator will save on waste disposal. Instead of disposing of 8 bags of kitty litter and your waste you will dispose of 1 bag of Floor Gator with the same amount of contaminated waste. If your sending this waste to an approved disposal site this will save a lot of money. Were permitted, Floor Gator may be placed in a landfill or disposed of with your used oil. The nature of the hydrocarbon absorbed is always the decisive factor in determining the disposal method. Always check with your Local, Regional and Federal regulations for disposal guidelines.



  • Encapsulates – Non-leaching.
  • Fast Acting - put it down....sweep it up.
  • Absorbs up to six times its weight in oil or oil-based products.
  • Exceeds EPA mandate to reduce waste by 50%.
  • Reduces the risk of accidents by residue left over by other sorbents.
  • Contributes 7,000 BTU with less than 5 % ash during incineration.

Part No: GS-20
Part No: GS-20

Acid Gator

Acid Gator - for safer handling and absorption of acid spills.

Acid Gator is not a neutralization agent but rather an absorbent that allows a safer way of handling casual and emergency acid spills.

Previously there was no way to absorb acids and render them easier to dispose of while affording maximum worker safety.

Calcined clays and Polypropylene are essentially acid resistant.  They perform poorly as acid absorbents. The acids are still considered hot to handle thus putting workers in danger in the clean-up and removal phases.

Peat moss and other cellulosic absorbents such as corn cob will actually be digested with strong acids and thus accentuate a handling problem.

Acid Gator will absorb, encapsulate, suppress vapors and begin neutralization of acids in one easy step.

Acid Gator  Part No: GS-15
Acid Gator Part No: GS-15

Gator Booms & Socks

 Environmentally friendly Gator Booms and Socks for containment spills on water or on land (around leaking equipment)

  • Gator Booms (Part No: GS-32) are 5"x 10' long and shipped 4 per bundle. Gator Socks (Part No: GS-42) are 4"x 4' long and shipped 15 per bundle.
  • Gator absorbent Booms and Socks are the most absorbent natural products available on the market today.
  • Most Booms and Socks on the market are made with polypropylene and often difficult to dispose of.
  • Gator Booms and Socks contain 100% Cell-U-Sorb as the absorbent medium.
  • Cell-U-Sorb has been certified as 98% BioBased by the USDA lab.
Gator Wash 1 gallon jug

Gator Wash ®

  • For general cleaning of equipment and work areas.
  • Gator Wash is a unique blend of natural surface active agents that promote the wetting and emulsification of various types of organic chemicals.
  • Gator Wash is used effectively in many industries as a general cleaner. The microbial action of the cleaner generates an environmentally safer run off.
  • Gator Wash is an excellent cleaner/degreaser which will not give off any VOC's making it safer for workers and the environment.


  • Gator Wash HD is a specialized version of Gator Wash which is formulated to work on hard to clean lithium grease and other complex compounds.
  • Gator Wash HD works best when the wastewater is flushed into an oil/water separator.


  • Gator Trap - for treatment and maintenance of grease traps.
  • Gator Trap is a unique blend of natural microbes formulated to digest organic wastes such as fat, grease, oil, protein, cellulose, starch and detergent.
  • Gator Trap Designed specifically for grease traps for the food service industry.


GATOR Emergency Response Kits are equipped with all the critical elements needed to contain a spill within the first few minutes of a spill. We manufacture two Emergency Response Kits. The SP-15 (BTS - Behind the Seat Kit) and SP-20 (Large Vehicle Kit)

The SP-15 vehicle kit fits easily behind/under the seat of a pickup truck for quick access.

The SP-20 vehicle kit is a waterproof duffel bag to be kept in a Work or Safety box in the back of a vehicle.

The type of absorbent placed in the emergency response kit can be modified for your specific need. Contact us for more information.


Spill Kits should be placed at strategic Emergency response spill locations in and around work sites.

All trucks and fleet vehicles should carry a smaller SP-15 (BTS) spill kit with them.
Heavy equipment working at secluded sites should each have a larger SP-20 (Duffel style) spill kit with them

Emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, wreckers and police cars should be equipped with spill kits. Please contact your sales representative to inquire about custom made kits.


The SP-15 "Behind the Seat" Vehicle Spill Kit is ideal for spills of 8-10 gallons.

The SP-15 contains:

  • A Red Nylon Zippered Bag (18"x 24" which expands to 5" thick)
  • 1 ea 5-lb. Container of patented OIL GATOR all natural absorbent.
  • 5 ea 15"x18" Pads made to absorb any hydrocarbon.
  • 1 ea 4"x4' Sock filled with 100% Cell-U-Sorb.
  • 1 ea Chemical Resistant Dust Mask.
  • 1 pair Plastic, Chemical Resistant Safety Goggles.
  • 1 pair Chemical Resistant, Neoprene on Latex Gloves (Men's Large).
  • 1 ea Polyethylene Disposal Bag with tie wrap.
  • 1 ea Whisk Broom and Dustpan made from recycled plastic.
  • 1 ea 10 oz. package Plug-N' Dike pattie with instructions.
<br>Part No: SP-15

Part No: SP-15

The SP-20 "Large" Vehicle Spill Kit is made for spills of 12-18 gallons.

The SP-20 contains:

  • A Red Nylon Zippered Duffel Bag (11"x 11"x 22")
  • 2 ea  5-lb containers of patented OIL GATOR all natural absorbent.
  • 15 ea 15"x18" Pads made to absorb any hydrocarbon.
  • 3 ea  4"x4' Socks filled with 100% Cell-U-Sorb.
  • 1 ea Chemical Resistant Dust Mask.
  • 1 pair Plastic, Chemical Resistant Safety Goggles.
  • 1 pair Chemical Resistant, Neoprene on Latex Gloves (Men's Large).
  • 2 ea  Polyethylene Disposal Bags with tie wrap.
  • 1 ea  Whisk Broom and Dustpan made from recycled plastic.
  • 1 ea  10 oz. package Plug-N' Dike with instructions.

When ordered in larger quantities any Gator Spill Kit can be modified for your specific needs.

Part No: SP-20
Part No: SP-20